Prof. Dr. Klaus Lösche // science / bakery and food technology
Dipl.-Ing. A.M.G. Reichenbach // production planning / food processing facilities

we turn every
bakery product
into a delicacy.

We are passionate planners, scientists, optimizers of all kinds. That is why we invest our time in the development of innovative, sustainable CO2 cross-section technologies from an ecological, economical and social point of view.
The combined innovative power of science, engineering and craft enables, for the first time, a downright hygienically-safe atmosphere for the production of baked goods at a constant high level.

What do we do differently?

The atmosphere
determines the
quality of dough
and baked goods.

Mastering hygiene in a controlled manner is our unique selling point.

Aerosol technology itself is not new. It was used a lot and discarded just as often, for reasons of hygiene. The long-term solution lies in the detail.

The baker often looks for the cause of irregular baking results to the oven. The solution usually lies in correcting the proofing climate before baking.

The intelligent interplay of conditioned fresh air, water aerosols and CO2-conditioned atmosphere, regulated in the right ratio, enables controlled hygienic production conditions for consistent premium qualities for the first time.

Ask us how we do it differently.

Climate friendly co2 technologies

Our knowhow is incomparable.

CO2-Monitoring;–50 % cooling time;no condensation;hygienically safe;reduced mass loss; disinfection without chemicals;extended freshness keeping;clean room conditions;reduced baking time;energy savings;Higher yields;minimized cleaning

amg masterkonzept 4.0 // mk4.0

Change your atmosphere.

The patented AMG MasterKonzept 4.0 aims to increase the quality, hygiene, yield and sustainability in every process step in the production of baked goods more than others.
Through the innovative CO2 monitoring and preservation of the thermal conductivity through high equilibrium humidity
at the level of the water activity of a dough piece, an interconnected added value is accessible along the entire process chain.

Premium quality

The MK4.0 takes into account the complex product and process properties as well as their interdependencies and allows, for the first time, novel process control strategies for maximized effectiveness. Fundamental is the analysis of the processes and the influencing factors at the point of intersection. Reproducible end product qualities are generated at a high level.

Hygiene mastery

The MK4.0 targets to prevent mold from forming in the first place. CO2 is a mold booster, causing its growth to explode at high temperatures, condensate and organic matter. Due to the controlled limitation of the CO2 concentration with the patented CO2 monitoring, it is primarily possible to stop the growth of mold both in the individual process steps and in the entire production.

Product yield

The MK4.0 avoids mass losses. It determines the potential to increase product volumes, from dough making to proofing, long-term proofing, baking to cooling and ambient storage. Intensified aroma and taste remain in the product. Crispness, color formation, dough stability, longer shelf life and assured best-by dates are the quality features of AMG technologies. The responsible use of raw materials has become more important than ever.

Energy efficiency

The MK4.0 makes an important contribution to avoid waste energy by reducing energy requirements. Due to the influence of the optimal thermal conductivity, fermentation, baking and cooling processes can be achieved with significantly less energy input. Reduced temperature differences and production times cut energy requirements and ensure a significantly improved carbon footprint.

Clients, who do it better with us

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“If you master heat and cold with clean air and hygienic humidity in your baking enterprise, then you will be successful.“

Jochen Baier, World baker of the year

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